Netflix Free iPad Application gets Leaked, to be a part of the Unlimited Netflix Membership

April 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

If you have subscribed to Netflix and are planning to buy the Apple iPad, all you would need is to download the free Netflix application that just got unintentionally leaked on the web.A Netflix app was pretty predictable for the iPad as it is being touted as a primary media device but, Netflix will be ready with the free version app this early is what is the real surprise.

Media savvy services like Netflix will cherish the opportunity of making some good business through the Apple iPad especially when they do not even spare gaming consoles.

The Netflix app has leaked and probably Netflix wanted to keep it a secret for a while but, other media houses like CBS are pretty open about their app developments for the iPad.

As far as Netflix for the iPad is concerned, the full version app will offer TV shows & movies streaming where the customers could enjoy a show or a movie as often as they like. The app will also allow customers to pause and resume programs and browse movies while managing the que.

The Netflix subscription is obviously compulsory but those who do not have it subscribed can try out the 15-day free trail and then make a further decision. [via: Appshopper]

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