iPad Getting Free HTML5-encoded TV Shows From CBS, ABC Won’t Stream Through the Browser

April 1, 2010, By Alex Ion

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the company, reported that the Verizon iPhone is on its way, today they have something about the iPad.

Apparently both CBS and ABC are working hard to adapt their TV shows for Apple’s tablet. While CBS will stream free HTML5-encoded programs through the browser, ABC is going down a slightly different road and will use a special player app that has been tipped for an April 3rd release date.

Free content on the iPad from both ABC and CBS sounds like an attack on Apple, who’re making a buck by selling older TV episodes through iTunes. But there’s a catch, when we say free content for the iPad, it’s not “actually” free as you’ll be watching regular commercial breaks like you’d find on a regular program.

Neil Ashe, President of CBS Interactive, told the WSJ that they are going to come up with a business model for that kind of content. “It will be a story of months and years, not days and weeks. We’re capitalists, so we’ll figure the best way to get there,” he mentioned.

Another big player is NBC, but for now there’s nothing official about their iPad plans — however we know that the guys have an iPhone-friendly website with full episodes, so speculating that it comes to the iPad, too, may not be too far away.

For those out of the know, through ABC, iPad owners will get access to full episodes of Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, so I guess it sounds like fun to go to bed with your iPad. Right?

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