Apple Wants You to Take iPad ‘Shipping Status’ Seriously, UPS iPad Shipments Guarded to Ensure Timely Delivery

April 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

How particular can a product manufacturer be about the shipping date for his product pre-orders? If the other gadget manufactures take it as a practical joke, here is a lesson they ought to learn from Apple. The people who have pre-ordered the Apple iPad will be aware that their tablet is to be ‘shipped’ on Saturday, April 3. Cupertino has made sure that these deliveries reach the eagerly awaiting customers on April 3 and not before that. This is to avoid any sort of confusions between the haves and the have nots.

The shipments from China (where the OEMs assemble the iPad) have already arrived in the local UPS locations and Apple is guarding these bases to ensure that no eager customer is happily surprised.

We’ve heard Apple being particular about not revealing product information in the past but this is a new height in teaching the world, the precise meaning of ‘shipping status’.

Apple is so keen to stick to April 3 and not before that it has hired the services of an outside security agency to monitor all shipments from the regional distribution centers to the local hubs. Matters worsen at these hubs where the shipments are then guarded round the clock to ensure they are delivered on time only.[via: BGR]

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