Apple iPhone Hacked to Run Windows Phone 7 Theme

April 1, 2010, By Atul Roach

The WP7 arrival is still a fair distance away and that anxiety is motivating our beloved hackers to toy with their favorite devices and make them run on Microsoft Windows Phone 7. The HTC HD2 was first and then came the HTC Diamond hack, now (finally) hacker Woocash-kun has managed to breach the iPhone OS and run the Windows Phone 7 theme on it.

We are not sure how much Apple or Microsoft will appreciate the effort, but for us, the WP7 Theme on the iPhone is pleasing and more so because it is functional as well.

Not just the panel based menu you see upfront, Woocash was able to get in a secondary set of pages with mini icons reminiscent of the typical WP7 style. Woocash also managed to create a lock-screen for the Apple smartphone.

The only thing missing from the ‘mock-up’ theme is the fact that the notifications bar at the bottom is non-functional unlike the original WP7 version. Woocash has decided not to share the theme with the public as yet and therefore all you can do is to enjoy the video at the end.

[Courtesy: Slashgear]

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