Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac, Leaked Screenshots Reveal Good Looks

March 31, 2010, By Alex Ion

Back in February we found out that Microsoft went official with Office 2011 for Mac OS X, and we even got some details. Today, we’re back at it as we got our hands on some leaked screenshots with the new Microsoft Office 2011 running on an Apple machine. And boy does it look cool, at least compared to what we have on Windows …

Coming from the ninjas at BGR, these images will show you the new Office suite for Mac — Microsoft Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook (which looks absolutely delicious), and MS PowerPoint.

From what we know Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac offers co-authoring tools that enable users to work on Word, PowerPoint or Excel files, no matter where they’re located. That’s possible thanks to the Presence Everywhere technology. On top of that, the new software allows you to access and share any Office documents from any computer — all you need is an Internet connection.

Too bad Microsoft is taking that long to update their Office Suite, as people may be tempted to turn their heads to iWork, which is already there. Come on Redmond, prove that you can please the Mac user, too.

Check out more images below.

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