MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone iPod Touch Navigation App Goes Hands-Free with Basic Voice Guidance in Recent Update

March 31, 2010, By Desi Mikkel

Monday, the official MapQuest blog announced that the MapQuest 4 Mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch, will now include basic voice guidance, off-route assistance and twin tap to zoom out, to assist users in navigation.

The newly updated app available to iPhone (OS 3.0 or later) and iPod touch users, may prove useful for those who do not currently own a voice guidance navigation system.

If you do own a voice guided navigation system, you could still use the MapQuest 4 Mobile app to aid friends with navigation or get walking or biking directions for those of you who are eco-conscious.

The app road tested by Micheal Iams, who recorded his recent MapQuest 4 Mobile experience on the official MapQuest blog, is similar to most other global positioning voice guidance systems.

It gives you your start location, end location, distance, time and tells you when and where to turn. If you miss a turn or go off route (say to get gas), than the app will inform you that you are off route and allow you to reroute by touching the ‘Reroute Me’ button.

To make sure you get the most battery life out of your iPhone or iPod Touch, the MapQuest 4 Mobile application has also added a power saving feature. When in voice guidance mode and on the Medium power setting, the screen will dim down in effort to avoid wasting power.

While other free navigation apps for iPhone exist, MapQuest 4 Mobile’s addition of voice guidance really makes it stand out from the crowd.

Right now the app has a rating of 4+ in the iTunes Store and is described in customer reviews as being a “nice app to have for directions on the go” as well as offering some welcome competition for Google maps.

If you are interested in getting this app and taking it for a test drive yourself, it is available for free in the navigation category of the iTunes Store. MapQuest 4 Mobile newest version 1.5.1 (by AOL) is 4.2MB in size and available in English.

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