iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) Commercial Doesn’t Look Authentic, More Rumors

March 31, 2010, By Alex Ion

There’s more about the new iPhone (iPhone HD, or iPhone 4G as some call it) than we knew, as we’ve been sent to a YouTube video where a professionally made commercial shows the new device in all its glory. I am quite positive that this new iPhone HD ad is not real, but you’ll have to agree it’s a very good try to gather more hype around Apple’s next-generation smartphone.

First thing we don’t like are its looks — I just can’t see Apple coming up with something that different compared to its initial design. People love the 3G/3GS design, they just want better features under the hood.

Speaking about iPhone HD features, the video reveals a front-facing camera (we’re still not convinced it’s authentic), a different button instead of the classic round and an alleged 800 x 450 touchscreen display (although we knew it’s a 960×640).

One thing that we like though, seems like the new iPhone now brings themes — which is kind of neat if you ask us.

So what do you guys think? The verdict is out, right? It’s fake!

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