FireFox Mobile (Fennec) For Android Ported on Motorola Milestone

March 31, 2010, By Alex Ion

Mozilla’s Firefox for mobile browser, codenamed Fennec, has been finally ported to an Android handset, the Motorola Milestone. Coming from MartinSchirr of Android Forums, the 41MB package is not the formal Android release as Mozilla is still in Pre-Alpha mode with Fennec.

For now, we’re being told that Firefox Fennec may not work on all Android devices right now, but the fact that we get to see it happening, is great. Check video after the jump.

After Martin, some users on xda-developers tried to port Firefox Fennex to the Nexus One and Motorola Droid, with little success for the first one.

Installed it on my Droid, works. It’s kinda slow, but it works. My phone hung the first time running it, but after a reboot it ran faster than I thought it would run [which was still slow for everyday use.] Nice interface though, I thought it would be harder to use than it actually was. What’s nice is it has the popup for unresponsive javascript scripts that let you stop executing them.

Have you guys tried Firefox for Mobile (Fennec) on your Android handset? Lucky?


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