Nokia N8-00 Specs & Features Leaked; Symbian^3 Touchscreen Smartphone Mentioned on Nokia’s Website

March 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

It was almost a week ago that a probable Nokia flagship, codenamed N8-00 (aka N87) image was spotted and now we have the ‘almost’ confirmed features of this feature-rich smartphone. While the precise name is still a mystery, the N8-00 will be the first Symbian ^3 OS laden phone with multitouch capabilities.

There is an entire set of details which were mentioned in an XML file on the official Nokia website called NN8-00r100-3G and courtesy of this document, a number of features have been detailed.

The flagship, as we mentioned earlier, comes with 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen 360 x 640 nHD resolution and an ARM processor. There is also a Phone KeyPad , Bluetooth 2.0 Integration, WiFi, and connectivity for all formats implying that N8-00 will be a global product.

Sadly, the most hyped features of this anticipated product which was a 12MP camera and an HDMI port on the top were no where to be found in this doc. Nonetheless, there is still hope that the two attractions will make it to the final product as Symbian^3 has already been spotted. [via: Nokia]

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