iPhone 4G Touchscreen Caught on Video, Reveals Front-Mounted Camera (Kind Of)

March 29, 2010, By Alex Ion

Last week we were reporting that the next-gen iPhone may feature Samsung Super AMOLED touchscreens, just like tChe iPad. Well folks, the saga continues today as we’re now looking at a sleek video showing the iPhone 4G with an LG display and revealing a front mounted camera. We know it can be a hoax but it’s neat to see growing hype around Apple’s latest smartphone.

Compared to the iPhone 3G/3Gs, as expected, the new iPhone 4G LCDs are a slightly taller, which means there’s just enough space for a front facing camera — a feature that we know you’ve been looking for in a long while. Another interesting thing about the new display is that it’s just a bit thinner.

For those who already fell for it, keep in mind that we can’t confirm any of these. Also knowing just how tight Apple are when it comes to product secrecy, we’ll have take this with a pinch of salt rather than getting excited. But you know … it’s hard, not to.

On the other hand, it could be all set up by the amazing marketing department from Cupertino.

What do you guys think?

(via YouTube)

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