The Verizon Google Nexus One Arrival Hurting Big Red Itself

March 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Some would say Google Nexus One is one of the coolest Android smartphones selling these days, and while not selling like hot cakes (yet) the arrival of the Nexus One in Verizon stores remains a mystery until date. It is a question which we have been posing to ourselves for a long time now and the stance of the VZW customers is also the same, but Big Red somehow seems unmoved by the queries.

CTIA 2010 was one place where the hopefuls were thinking to get an answer but, Verizon tried to please them with the integration of Skype and nothing more.

The people anticipating the arrival of the biggest Android device until date are obviously annoyed with VZW turning a blind eye to them. It is noteworthy that VZW is itself at loss where two US carriers are already offering the handset when it is in stupendous demand.

It is time that the Nexus One release date should be announced by VZW as they have another big Android handset, HTC Incredible, also lined up for a future release. If VZW lingers on with the release date announcement for sometime later in the year, it will slash Nexus One sales as users will then prefer the fresh-in-stock HTC Incredible.

The iPhone isn’t falling in its kitty and the Nexus One is therefore the best option it can offer. If Big Red doesn’t sense the urgency, at least the customers and we do, and it is time that the biggest carrier in the US obliges us with a pleasing announcement. [Courtesy: Phonesreview]

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