T-Mobile HTC HD2 Initial Sales Surprise Everyone, An Estimated 21K Units Sold in a Day

March 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Expect the unexpected! T-Mobile HTC HD2 which has a limited future as it cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 is the real surprise package of this early Spring, as a report suggests that T-Mobile may have managed to sell more than 21K units on Tuesday. Despite the ‘future related’ drawback, people poured in from all corners to grab the HTC HD successor and the estimated 21K+ sales didn’t even include over-the-phone or online sales count.

Experts believe that the Sense UI may have done the trick for HTC HD2, as it takes care of most of the interface flaws that marred the success of older versions of Microsoft OS.

There was another report mentioning that stores went out of stock more quickly than they anticipated, with one of the outlets finishing stock in under four hours.

Even Wirefly openly acknowledged the surprise sell out of the launch batch, and it had to cover up for the demand with a follow-up order. The HTC HD2 success story goes to show that a clean UI and a quick processor combination can work wonders for a smartphone. [via: Electronista]

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