Pricing Details for Rock Band DLC Featuring Jimi Hendrix Revealed

March 26, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Yesterday, Rock Band’s developer Harmonix announced that the game will soon get new downloadable content featuring Jimi Hendrix’s works. Today, they’ve revealed the pricing details for the first album, titled “Axis: Bold as Love.”

The album is coming out next week, and you’ll be able to buy an individual track for $2 (160 Microsoft Points or 200 Wii Points), or you can buy the whole album for $19.99, or 1600 MS Points. It should be noted that the album is missing the intro track, as developers deemed it not too well-suited for gameplay.

The single “Valleys of Neptune” will be released on March 30 for the Xbox and Wii, and afterwards on the PS3 on April 1. Here’s the track listing from the “Axis: Bold as Love” album, for those of you interested. The tracks marked with an “+” are family-friendly, and will thus also be released on LEGO Rock Band.

Axis: Bold As Love
“Up From the Skies”
“Spanish Castle Magic” +
“Wait Until Tomorrow” +
“Ain’t No Telling” +
“Little Wing” +
“If 6 Was 9” +
“You Got Me Floatin'” +
“Castles Made of Sand”
“She’s So Fine” +
“One Rainy Wish” +
“Little Miss Lover”
“Bold As Love” +

“Valleys of Neptune”

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