iPhone LTE (4G-enabled) In The Works, Is That The iPhone 4G or iPhone 5G?

March 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple fanatics are done praising and waiting for the tablet and now the real anxiety is about the next generation iPhone. So much has been spoken about the iPhone 4G but, there isn’t a ‘granule’ that can be confirmed. What has stirred more confusion is an ‘Apple Job Post’ which deciphers that the next generation iPhone that is probably arriving somewhere in the middle of 2010, will not support 4G a.k.a LTE speeds.

People will have to wait for version 5G, that should be here in 2011 to enjoy the LTE lightening speeds, so why is that we are waiting for the iPhone 4G at all? May be Cupertino wants us to enjoy gesture controls and the Super AMOLED screen or even a physical QWERTY keypad.

We will have to believe that the news has an element of truth in it, as AT&T also favors LTE for 4G mobile data, and it is currently concentrating on improving its 3G network which honestly disappoints and hence, AT&T also needs more time.

You may think, that with Apple ending ties with AT&T, my belief has no grounds, but in reality, there is nothing which you can prove to confirm that Apple is done and over with AT&T. [via: Apple]

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