Blizzard Updates StarCraft 2’s Beta With a Bugfix/Balance Patch

March 26, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

StarCraft 2’s development goes on heavily, as Blizzard have just rolled out another patch for the game’s beta, bringing it to version The new update features lots of changes, mainly oriented at fixing bugs and refining the balance.

In this patch, the Terran and Protoss races have been toned down in their powerfulness. The Terrans have been significantly changed in some aspects, for example increasing the Marine construction time by a whopping 5 seconds.

As for the Protoss, some of their units now have a lighter version of their previous armos, making them far less powerful in combat – in addition to toning down their damage.

As usual, the update brought about a reset of the ladder as well, wiping out all characters, friends list, profiles, as well as ranks on the ladder.

Some players have reacted quite negatively to the changes to the Terran race, while others are expressing gratitude over them. If you’re concerned over how the game has changed, the best way is to fire it up and find out!

[ Via SoftSailor ]

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