ASUS M4 Series motherboards arrive with AMD Phenom II X6 compatibility

March 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In a step that amounts to ushering in a new era in ultra-powerful personal computing, ASUS has made official its new full range of motherboards. We are a tempted to say the new motherboards would herald a new era because they will come with capabilities to support the upcoming six-core AMD PhenomII X6 processors.

The AMD six-core processor-ready ASUS M4 Series motherboards are, in fact, capable to deliver maximum performance on a mainstream platform. The ASUS M4 Series motherboards arrive boasting of Core Unlocker technology and is set for powering the AMD Phenom II X6 processors. The Phenom II X6 chips are expected to offer a lower-cost alternative to Intel’s recent hexacore processor, the potent Core i7-980X Extreme.

We have a special liking for the new ASUS M4 motherboards as we believe they would play the perfect partner and take advantage of the Phenom II X6 overclocking abilities, via the Core Unlocker.  Though AMD has been keeping its processors under wraps as of now, rumors have it that we might get to see them for real on April 26. Exactly one month from now, that is.

If you are someone who would now want to enable the six-core CPU toward achieving maximum performance, all you need to do is just update the BIOS of their existing M4 Series. We are looking forward to have a closer look soon.

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