YouTube is Down, Service Unavailable; Anyone Thinking China Hacked Youtube? [Update: Service Resumed for Some]

March 25, 2010, By Alex Ion

It’s midday around these parts of the world and by the time I write this post YouTube is down saying “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” to some or giving a “500 Internal Server Error” to others. Embedded YouTube videos still work, but trying to load the site to search for your favorites, is a no-no.

The YouTube outage is already gaining proportions as users on Twitter and Facebook already started to debate wether the Chinese hacked Google’s video service, too.

There’s no official confirmation from Mountain View concerning YouTube problems, but we’re pretty sure they’re doing everything humanly possible to restore access. Afterall, YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet and they can’t just leave us in the dark like that.

Here are just a few messages from Twitter and Facebook confirming that YouTube is down.

Josh Pitts youtube down…. what has my life come to!!

Bobby Hulse Youtube is down arg! So much for watching “Let’s Play Ultimata VII” by Kikoskia, guess I’ll actually have to do some work! 😛

Ikhwan Burhanuddin youtube down…tq google

Brook Townsend youtube is still down!!… what will we do with ourselves??

Aaref Khan Bangash Wikipedia was down yesterday, YouTube today, what next…??

It’s serious business guys!

*Update #1: Google have just announced: “YouTube is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are currently working to restore the site.”

*Update #2: YouTube service resumed after 60 minutes of downtime.

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