SEO Doctor Firefox Plugin Turns You Into a Little SEO Geek

March 25, 2010, By Alex Ion

No matter if you’re a rookie or an experienced marketer, Vladimir Prelovac’s latest Firefox plugin is definitely a must. Dubbed SEO Doctor, it promises to take a look at your website and give you an in-depth SEO diagnosis, along with solutions for some of the most common problems.

SEO Doctor Firefox plugin

The application stays quietly in the browser’s status bar showing your SEO Score, the Flow (or just how much of your PageRank juice is kept on the site), the number of Links you have, and an estimated number of daily visitors to your website.

So what exactly is SEO Doctor for Firefox good at?

  • Shows link structure and page rank flow for your pages
  • Detects search engine non-indexable pages using comprehensive methods
  • Points out to potential problems and assigns a score for your pages based on common SEO methodology
  • Quick access to most popular SEO tools
  • Fully customizable

But there’s more to SEO Doctor than  just staying in the bar, it can inspect your page telling just how many links your page has, will tell you if the viewed page is indexable in Google, or if you’re properly using the <meta description> tags, H1 or H2 tags, the ALT tag for images.

Not sure about you guys, but we have the doctor in on DeviceMAG to see what’s up.

If any of you would like to test it, check out SEO Doctor on Vladimir’s blog.

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