LG LX9500 is the world’s first Full LED 3D HDTV – and its pretty slim at 22.3mm

March 25, 2010, By Thomas Antony

3D displays  have  been the highlight of almost all the techno-centric tradeshows this year. Every major consumer electronics giant out there is making a push to make 3D the next big thing for the industry. And LG’s latest offering is somewhat similar. But there are a few things that set it apart. For one, the LX9500 3D display is only 22.3 mm thick. Thats much thinner than a lot of laptops out there. And the other being that it is fully LED backlit giving it a pretty awesome contrast ratio along with great brightness and colors.

The LX9500 will come in 47-inch and 55-inch versions and with some extremely narrow bezels of 16mm and support full 1080p resolution.

These new 3D TVs will have refresh rate of 400Hz that helps it work well with LG’s active shutter glasses. The glasses charge over USB and will give you around 40 hours of viewing. The TVs will also come with internet features such as Skype video calls with the optional camera.

The 47-inch version is set to go on sale just a week from now, in Korea for aruond 4.7 million Won, which is around $4134. These sets should be available in North America by May.

Source: Newswire Via Engadget

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