iPhone Hacked for the Umpteenth Time, SMS Database Hacking Spreads Fear of Personal Information Breach

March 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

An Apple iPhone hack is no big deal today, as half of the world’s professional hackers do that as some yoga routine but, this latest iPhone OS breach might be something that you will like to know more about. A couple of European geeks have managed to hack the iPhone this time around and gain control of a stock iPhone’s SMS database.

The execution of this hack is lighting quick as it just takes the hacker(s) 20 seconds to get into a users SMS database, once a user visits a particular infected website. Once the hackers are in, they even gain access to the messages that have been deleted and all messages are then relayed to a pre-determined server.

The hackers can even reach a hacked iPhone users email, photos, address book and music files. Once such a breach is made possible, the hackers can create all sorts of problems for a user by sharing his personal information, eventually creating further trouble.

The good news is that people really love this smartphone and hence, misuse after such hacking endeavors is seldom reported. These hackers have already reported the breach to Cupertino and an OS patch will soon be on its way. [via: PR]

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