iPad apps from publishing houses get set for the roll out; advertising scene holds huge promise

March 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as the iPad is getting ready for an April 3 roll out, news of more and more iPad apps have started trickling in. The one we just managed to spot out there in the wild is that of Wired, and the leak reveals details on the ad pricing and also many of the features. From what we get to know, Wired will be doling out additional functionality for clients willing to buy at least eight pages in a single issue.

The options before companies include opportunities to add video or other upgraded features to their advertising. It has been reported that many an advertiser is ready to pay more than $200,000 to Condé Nast for a single ad placement in the first eight issues of the iPad magazine. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome amount? Condé Nast apart, Sports Illustrated has readied new concepts that will pave the way for interactive content. This could mean something like the Ford Mustang’s ad that would let you change the color of the car. Interactive to the core, you might even be able to sign in for a racing game inside the Mustang. You will also be able to get to do integration of social-networking platforms. With the apps now starting to drop hints of an arrival along with, or soon after, the launch of the Apple device, advertising spots are hot property. Besides Wired and its brethren, Wall Street Journal has readied its iPad app and has already signed up Coca-Cola, FedEx and four others as advertisers. For the WSJ iPad app, a four-month ad package would be sold for $400,000 price tag. Users, in the meanwhile, may have to shell out a cool $18 month after month as subscription fees. The iPad ad scene is set to zoom, going by the looks of it. Many of the publishers are still readying their apps and a few are fine tuning the ad consoles. It is going to an advertising carnival out there.

 (Via Electronista)

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