Google Tightens Security for Users; New “Suspicious Activity” Protection Introduced

March 25, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Google have recently introduced a new feature to GMail, their e-mail service. The feature is strongly security-oriented and is aimed at preventing users from fraudulent use of their e-mail accounts.

In a comment made by Pavni Diwanji, Engineering Director for GMail, he stated that the new system is in place to prevent thieves from using hijacked e-mail accounts to gain access to information or other resources by misleading.

He gave as an example a scenario in which a user received an e-mail from a supposed friend of his (sent from his friend’s e-mail, nonetheless), asking him to help him out with some financial problems. It turned out that the friend’s e-mail had been compromised and it was being used to send such messages.

The e-mail service already had similar protections in place, for example telling you when someone had logged into your account for the last time, and whether your e-mail is currently open from another location. Seems that in today’s world though, that’s hardly enough anymore.

[ Via PCWorld ]

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