Flash Rejection Motivating iPad App Developers to Focus on HTML5 Video Playback

March 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

Cupertino’s preference for the HTML standard is no hidden secret and it wants most Apple products to run on this language. With Apple preferring HTML, and the open rejection of Adobe’s Flash Player App to view videos on the iPad also in the frame, the developers will have to think about HTML5 video playback options quickly, as the Tablet arrival is just around the corner.

One of the first major television networks ‘probably’ preparing its website to render HTML5 video content on the iPad is CBS. The CBS website has been spotted with a number of strange test links recently and if an iPad SDK Simulator is used to visit the website, the picture gets pretty clear.

CBS hasn’t openly acknowledged the fact but, the version viewed through the SDK kit is surely based on HTML5. The videos cannot be currently played but they can be already zoomed to the full-screen mode.

While Adobe may be ‘all complaints’ about Apple, within a matter of hours, we could see other big names such as ABC and Disney joining the party. Disney could be a bigger shock as most of its sites use the Flash format and talks are already in the air to switch over to HTML5. [via: Macrumors]

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