Apple’s iPhone Cracked and Hacked in 20 Seconds at This Year’s Pwn2Own

March 25, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Pwn2Own is one of the biggest annual hacking-related events, where security experts and amateurs from around the world gather to try and break into the latest devices and compromise their security. Last year, smartphones were a bit of a challenge for most, but that was hardly the case at this year’s event, where two hackers from Europe managed to take over an iPhone’s SMS database.

The hack involves visiting a specifically engineered website through the target iPhone, whcih only takes about 20 seconds. The result – the iPhone can then send the entire SMS database to an arbitrary server. And that includes deleted messages, too.

The exploit also provided access to things like the phone’s address book, e-mails, and their media database as well.

While this may sound very worrying to those of you who own an iPhone, remember the most important thing here – the goal of this event is to let good-natured hackers find these exploits and make them known to developers, so that they can get fixed – which we expect will happen with the iPhone shortly.

[ Via BoyGeniusReport ]

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