Verizon Wireless lines up V Cast Apps Store; likely to launch by March-end with 300 titles

March 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon Wireless’s dream of creating its own application store looks like finally turning into a reality, with the carrier finalizing plans to kick start its V Cast Apps store by the month-end. There had been much talk about such a store coming up ever since July last year, but nothing had been concrete, until now. Verizon mulls over unveiling the V Cast Apps store with as many as 300 titles as a start, and will be accessible over select BlackBerry devices.

Though originally planned to be kick started during the fourth quarter of last year, the delay had come about as Verizon wanted to make sure that no glitches existed at the time of launch. The carrier wants a perfect launch and is expected to have one by the March-end. Verizon, soon after the V Cast Apps store goes on stream, would bring in thousands of additional apps that are currently in the process of being tested and certified.

Verizon’s plans to have its own apps store come after realization that the success of a telecommunications network is closely linked to app developers too. The carrier would be offering developers an app revenue-sharing arrangement, where in 30 per cent of the sales would be pocketed by it. Further, developers will also be allowed to set the price for their apps. Verizon has also said that it will make sure that most apps will launch within 14 days of submission.

As if in a bid to lure developers, Verizon is also creating open APIs that let them plug into its billing system. This is done to ensure that end users can charge apps directly to their wireless bills as well as incorporate location-based services into apps based on network-specific data. With the Verizon V Cast Apps Store now almost a certainty, it remains to be seen whether it would give Apple App Store a run for its money.

(Via MediaPost)

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