Toshiba brings forth 750GB hard drive; aims at powering slim notebooks

March 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pushing the limits in the notebook storage arena, Toshiba has unveiled its new MK7559GSXP hard drive. An amazing 750 GB is what it will hold within itself and it comes about as a 2.5-inch innovation. Tailor-made for notebooks, the hard drives are built as absolutely slim pieces with the specs reading 9.5 mm.

Size does not matter here, as it proves to be capable of providing the capacity expected of a desktop hard drive, but yet fits into thin-and-light notebooks like the MacBook Pro . What more do you want?

Further, it has been made known that the new SATA II drive that has been made to peek out of the fabs, comes with capabilities of less power consumption and laudable performance. In spite of the 17 percent additional capacity, it burns close to 14 per cent less power than the 640GB drive it will soon be replacing. The 5,400RPM-spin capable hard drive comes in a two-platter design.

Toshiba, in the meantime, is all geared up to launch its MKxx59GSM line, which is expected to bring the 750GB and 1TB drives on a 12.5mm platform. When these drives roll out, they would be most suited for notebooks and other thin PCs.

PC makers will get to sample the drives by April, while the company looks to get into mass production sometime soon.

(Via Electronista)

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