T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Phone to Be Three Times Faster Than Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G; Release Date in Second Half of 2010

March 24, 2010, By Alex Ion

Just when we thought Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G is probably the fastest mobile phone there is, T-Mobile is dropping the bomb saying that their up and coming HSPA+ phone will be up to three times faster than the EVO 4G.

Supposedly coming in the second half of 2010, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ handset not only promises a better coverage, it should see download speeds of 10-12 Mbps (out of a theoretical max of 21 Mbps), which is similar to Verizon’s 4G LTE implementation, but comparably higher to the 3-6 Mbps download speeds you’ll be getting on the Sprint EVO 4G (that has a theoretical max of 10 Mbps).

So where’s the catch? Well the first thing you should consider is the max 5GB traffic cap for your data plan, wheres Sprint is offering unlimited WiMax network traffic.

T-Mobile’s super-high-speed HSPA+ network has expanded from Philadelphia towards select New York City areas, close to New Jersey, Long Island, the Las Vegas Convention Center and Strip areas, and west suburban Washington DC, with Los Angeles coming soon.

The speed war is getting bigger and bigger, with the consumer as the only winner.

So will you by the Sprint HTC EVO 4G now or wait for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ handset to release this summer?

(via AndroidAndMe)

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