Samsung SCH-r900 to Officially Debut on MetroPCS as the First LTE Mobile Phone

March 24, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Samsung today unveiled what is possibly the first phone supporting the upcoming, fast LTE network. You would probably have heard of Verizon’s big plans to cover half the United States with LTE within a couple of years. But Samsung’s new device, the SCH-r900 is headed to small-time US cell provider, MetroPCS, who is planning to switch to the faster network in the second half of this year.

No details were provided about the phone itself, but it is known that it will support the existing CDMA/EVDO network.

Of course, when it comes to 4G phones, Samsung won’t be the first as HTC will be shipping their HTC Evo 4G this summer way ahead of the SCH-r900. However, LTE is supposed to be much faster than the Evo’s WiMax, with speeds of upto 100MBps vs. speeds of 10Mbps for WiMax.

The lack of LTE handsets is currently being attributed to multiple things ranging from lack of a compltely ratified standard for voice calls, overly large or energy hungry chipsets and small coverage maps. Verizon will be deploying LTE at around the same time as MetroPCS but only in 25 to 30 cities. AT&T, T-Mobile and others are waiting till the coverage and adoption rate picks up.

Via Electronista

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