Nintendo DS 3D Version Details Revealed; Nintendo 3DS to Bring a Thumbstick & WiFi Connectivity

March 24, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

According to a press release earlier today, Nintendo are going to release a 3D version of the Nintendo DS handheld console. While the press release was very scarce in information, some members of the Japanese media have managed to provide more details on the upcoming device.

It’s speculated at this point that the 3DS will feature a thumbstick of sort, which will be used for manipulating objects in 3D space. There will also likely be a vibration feedback system. All of this is derived from some patents filed by Nintendo last year.

The wireless capabilities of the device should be improved as well, as it’s expected to support the 802.11g standard. Last but not least, it’s likely we’ll also get an increase in the battery life, even maybe bringing it to what it used to be in the DS Lite. Right now, the DSi can run for about 9 hours with a fully-charged battery, which compared to the 15 hours the DS Lite is capable of, makes quite a difference.

[ Via PCWorld ]

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