Ferrari California to bring in six-speed manual transmission; leaked document talks of new manual gearbox for traditionalist customers

March 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Calling all Ferrari fans! Die hard enthusiasts of the mean machine are being offered a choice of two different transmissions by Ferrari California. That means, if you are on a Ferrari shopping jaunt, you will be offered a six-speed manual transmission, in addition to the standard seven-speed dual wet clutch semi-automatic. In short, all you traditionalists could have your Ferrari California fitted with a new manual gearbox.

The details have come out in the open, thanks to a company document believed to be leaked.

So reading between the lines in the doc out there in the wild, if you are a customer who would opt for the manual transmission, chances are that you will be voting for reduced performance. Not to worry, though.  It is believed that such an option might also make a section of the Ferrari customers – a small 10 percent of them – who had been demanding just that. If you are someone who would swear by the six-speed manual, you could be in a car that races from 0-100 km/h in an unbelievable 4.2 seconds.  Additionally, fuel consumption is increased with the manual gear box.

Mounted on the rear, the manual gearbox helps adjust the 47/53 weight ratio. The document further says that the manual gearbox will have in it double-cone synchros with multiple pawl asymmetric geometry, an oil bath lever and fork system. Ferrari California is most likely to bring on the manual transmission in a few months from now.

(Via worldcarfans)

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