BlackBerry, Palm Pre handsets to arrive in China on China Telecom this May-July

March 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Official information has come about saying that China Telecom will start offering to the Chinese customers BlackBerry handsets in May and the Palm Pre in July. China Telecom Chairman and CEO Wang Xiaochu announced that his network will be picking up BlackBerry devices in May and the Palm Pre in July.

Though the red nation’s third largest carrier network has started gearing up for the launches, it remains to be seen as to how the government would see the arrivals.

An earlier experience that the Apple iPhone had gone through makes us think more on this. A news conference addressed this week by China Telecom Chairman and Chief Executive Wang Xiaochu witnessed the announcement regarding the new plans. Xiaochu had said that the company would offer Research In Motion Ltd’s BlackBerry devices in China in May and Palm Inc.’s Pre handsets in July. This reminds us that China Telecom had become the second Chinese mobile operator to sign a deal with Canada-based RIM to offer BlackBerry devices, and the company hopes to see BlackBerry devices luring affluent customers in Chinese cities to its stores. RIM had been earlier offering BlackBerry handsets to big businesses in China since 2006 through China Mobile, the world’s biggest telecom operator.

Talking of the Palm handset, it is expected that the China-bound phone would most probably be the Pre Plus. It is a known fact that China Telecom had been in parleys with Palm since August last year and with the official word now coming from the top official, we are looking forward to see what the scene is going to be like.

(Pre Central via WSJ)

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