Palm webOS Rumored to be Replaced with Android; Can Palm’s Financial Issues Be Waived?

March 23, 2010, By Atul Roach

If you haven’t been consistently reading DM over the past couple of weeks, here (1 & 2) is something which will convince you that Palm is seriously facing financial challenges. Amidst all this, the talks of a leaked memo hinting at Palm webOS to be replaced with Android seems fitting, as that could be Palm’s last ditch effort at saving its drowning financial boat.

The custom iPhone OS and Android are the only two successful operating systems and therefore if this leaked memo has an element of truth, Palm could use the latter to its benefit.

In the leaked document, CEO Jon Rubinstein quips:

While Palm is incredibly proud of our engineers who spent timeless work and effort to bring us this advanced operating system, consumers simply have not caught on. To provide a better future for ourselves and our customers, the only logical choice is to transition our hardware and software to the Android platform.

There is a group of fanatics who still talk in favor of the webOS and they want Palm’s webOS to be opened to other platforms. As per them, Palm should not transit thoroughly and instead, it should use Android as an option along-with the webOS . If webOS fails over a long period of time, it is only then that Palm should completely switch to Android. [via: Phandroid]

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