Blizzard Releases Diablo II 1.13 Patch March 23, Ladder Characters to be Reset

March 23, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Diablo 3 may be well underway, but Blizzard are still supporting their old school fans. The long-awaited 1.13 patch is going to be released tomorrow, which will also bring about a new reset of the ladder characters.

Blizzard have announced that the Diablo II realms will be shut down for about six hours during the update period. Any characters currently created as ladder ones will be converted to non-ladder, which will allow them to retain all items and such, but will preclude them from making use of some ladder-exclusive options, like some special runewords.

They’ve also issued a warning that it’s normal to experience connection issues during the update period, including an “Invalid CD-Key” one. Blizzard are urging people to refrain from using any CD-Key changing software to try and get around the problem, reminding you that this will only get you a 2-week ban on

So if you’re trying to log in to tomorrow to play Diablo II, just be patient – you’ll get to enjoy the new content very soon now!

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