The Apple iPad App War Heats Up with Amazon Ready to Submit the Kindle App

March 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

Amazon is busy readying free applications of its Kindle e-book reader as it released the free app for the Apple Mac and now it is ‘almost’ ready with its touted application for the upcoming iPad. Since Amazon wasn’t lucky enough to get the iPad to experiment with the e-book reader app, it has decided to release the app after the iPad release in April first week.

This image atop is one of the two previews the Kindle app users will get to buy and read books through the iPad. Interestingly, the image has a sun which will change positions according to the time of the day.

The Kindle App will allow users to turn book pages with with their fingers imitating the feel of reading a physical book. Apple iPad will have its own iBook app but Amazon is still pushing ahead with its Kindle app as the iPad arrival will generally benefit the entire e-book market.

Barnes & Noble is also in the competitive fray and it is planning to introduce its e-book reading App once the tablet goes public just like Amazon. [via: Nytimes]

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