Palm Pre Plus sees bad times as Verizon goes slow on promos; faulty phones of 2009 rumored to be the reason

March 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Palm Pre Plus is out of fashion, at least for those at Verizon. Try speaking to a salesperson at any of the carrier’s retail location and you would know. Active promotion of the Palm Pre Plus has more or less stopped, and by end of March no one a Verizon would be keen on promoting the handset. Though the reason isn’t clear for now, people have started attributing the development with talk that defective Palm Pre phones shipped on Sprint’s network during 2009.

As March draws to a close soon, Verizon will also do less of promos for the Palm Pre Plus. It has been found that customers who walk into retail sales showrooms to pick their handsets are already being directed towards smartphones such as Motorola Droid, even if the customers come looking for a Palm Pre Plus. Though everyone agrees that the Palm Pre Plus is a great device, the talk of defective handsets doing the rounds are making people and Verizon wary to even talk good about it. So, it is now a case of failure of the webOS phone while others make the most of it.

The development might bring in even more bad days for Palm. The handset maker is already into bad times with models such as Pre Plus and Pixi Plus selling in lower numbers than expected. It now remains to be seen how Palm tides over this peculiar situation.

(Via Examiner)

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