Latest Sprint Advert Features iPhone using 4G (WiMAX) through Overdrive

March 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

No matter how much we discuss the iPhone making it to other carrier stores in the US, the fact remains that the iPhone is limited to AT&T and its 3G network speeds. Amidst all this, Big Red and Sprint are trying all that they can to please Cupertino, and Sprint has now gone to the extent of airing an advert which shows the iPhone running on Sprint’s WiMAX network. The iPhone in the advertisement appropriately features two names Steve and Matt who together decipher the benefits of a 4G network.

Advert video after the cut

Steve uses the AT&T iPhone which runs on the 3G network but, Matt decides to better the 3G speeds by using his iPhone with the Sprint Overdrive 4G mobile hotspot which will make his iPhone up to ten times faster.

The advertisement is a clear indication that all major carriers in the US are willing to lay their hands on the coveted Cupertino product. Sprint did criticize the Apple iPhone initially, but off late, it has acknowledged the fact the iPhone might cannot be matched.

[Courtesy: Engadget]

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