Unconfirmed BlackBerry OS 6.0 Images Spotted In The Wild

March 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

It seems that RIM is too tired of trying to digest the Google Android OS fame and hence it has decided to move on with its BlackBerry OS. There are no confirmed reports coming in from RIM but what has stirred the speculation is a set of spy images which are claimed to be that of the BlackBerry OS 6.0.

Now whether these images are genuine or not is another question but the matter of fact is that they reveal a pretty complicated looking OS. Interestingly, this OS bears semblance to the concierge app which was first showcased at the developers conference.

This BlackBerry OS 6.0 can of course be related to the arrival of the touted RIM BlackBerry slider which will break cover at the WES show next month. If the 6.0 is a reality, there is every chance that the slider might come laden with this OS.

Regarding the inspiration for a move on, RIM may have been inspired by widget oriented operating systems such as the Android. RIMs WES show isn’t far away and we will hopefully have the details regarding OS 6.0 at the event if the new slider and this OS are connected somewhere. [via: Crackberry]

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