God of War 3 Walkthrough For PS3, Gameplay, Cheats & Updates

March 19, 2010, By Alex Ion

Extreme action, adventure and some of the best graphics on a PS3, is what probably makes God of War 3 the best Playstation 3 game of the year. Although a short game, God of War 3 has what it takes to keep you glued to your HDTV as you’ll be dealing with brutal Boss-kills, realistic action, smooth controls and a Hollywood blockbuster level soundtrack.

God of War 3

God of War 3 Gameplay & Storyline

For those who don’t know the storyline, it’s set in the realm of Greek mythology. Kratos is an ex-Spartan warrior who sets out to kill Ares, the god of war. Kratos who has been a murderous servant of Ares, is now haunted by nightmares and a bloody past, only to find out from goddess Athena that destroying Ares (who’s been attacking her patron city, Athens), he’ll find his peace.

Picking up from where Gold of War 2 left it, the the blood-thirsty hero is now riding on Gaia as she and other titans climb Mt. Olympus to defeat the gods. With his old Blades of Exile, the Claws of Hades, the Nemesis Whip, and the Nemean Cestus (a pair of fist gauntlets shaped like lion heads acquired from Hercules), Kratos learns that Pandora’s Box still exists after his encounter with Ares. Although still able to slay a god, the Pandora’s box is now protected by the Flame of Olympus.

He finds it, but surprisingly there’s nothing inside, which is why an enraged Kratos is taking on a final battle with Zeus himself. Suddenly, Gaia returns and attacks them but to avoid her assault they both jump inside the giant titan. Inside Gaia, Kratos stabs both Zeus and Gaia’s heart with the Blade of Olympus.

The final battle is between Zeus’ spirit and the fierce warrior. A weaponless Kratos is about to be defeated when he retreats inside of his own psyche, forgives himself for his past sins and learns that ‘hope’ is the most powerful weapon he has. He then breaks free and kills Zeus once and for all.

Apparently “hope” is what Pandora’s box was hiding, and now Athena’s spirit wants it as she would know best how to use “hope”. But Kratos’ history as a barbarian is about to end and he’s not killing Athena with the Blade of Olympus, instead he commits suicide. As he collapses, “hope” escapes his body, spreading it over all the world.

God of War 3 ends with Kratos slowly breathing and Athena walking away from the scene.

God of War 3 Walkhtrough

Love what you read above? It’s true God of War 3 is an amazing videogame, so if you need any walkthrough help, and maybe some cheats along the way, here’s how you can finish the game without hassle.

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