EA Sells an Astounding 2.3 million Battlefield: Bad Company II Copies in Just Over Two Weeks

March 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

While half of the world is still battling the global meltdown, it seems that EA is in a boat of its own with its latest game sensation, Battlefield:Bad Company II, reaching 2.3 million copies sold in a quick duration of just over two weeks, matching the success of its Modern Warfare II which went public in 2009.

EA is so overwhelmed by the success that it could not hold back the details until the end of the month and now it is proudly bragging that Battlefield: Bad Company II is on its way to becoming the top selling title in March 2010.

The game went public on March 2 and since then, a whopping sales figure has been registered where the statistic covers PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 copies sold. Calculate all this in terms of the hours spent by gamers online and the figure sits at a handsome 2.9 million hours.

Bad Company II has particularly been a success with PC gamers courtesy of the dedicated servers. There is still time for the month to get over and it will be interesting to see where EA sits with the stat then, and whether the top seller title is grilled or not. [via: Joystiq]

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