Dell Adamo XPS Makes a Comeback on Dell Store; Adamo XPS Pricing & Availability Confirmed Once Again

March 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Dell Adamo XPS is an insanely thin laptop and laptop aspirants did wait eagerly for its arrival but, they got a shocker earlier this month when Dell pulled it out of the order page. It was thought that the Adamo XPS was a limited edition model and it was ever to been seen again on the order page but cheerfully, the lappy has made a comeback and we now have its pricing and the availability confirmed.

Dell has now clarified that the Adamo XPS was taken out of the website in an attempt to restock the inventory. It would have been better, had Dell left such an explanation on the order page instead of shocking the customers with an error message.

Not only has the laptop been confirmed, Dell will even apply the Adamo XPS design to other lineages such as the Vostro series. As far as the Dell Adamo XPS hailing from the Adamo design studio goes, it will start at $2,000.

The pricing may appear a tad expensive but once you run through the entire spec sheet, there will be no complaining for sure. [via: Engadget]

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