Windows Phone 7 Series Actually Getting Copy & Paste Functionality, But in a Future Update

March 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

There have been so much confusion about the presence of ‘Copy and Paste’ feature in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series and all this hype is unwanted to be honest. How can so much talking be done on such a basic feature is beyond my comprehension? The latest scoop now is that the Windows Phone 7 Series will not have the ‘Copy & Paste’ feature when the Series is released but a post-release update will render the services.

The feature will not be ready for the first batch of devices, but it will arrive for sure and the developers already know exactly how they’ll be implementing copy & paste in the platform.

If the devs try to accommodate such a cross-platform feature in the first batch, all it will do is push back the release date. The Windows Phone 7 Series aspirants will definitely prefer an update rather than a delayed launch.

It was earlier believed that the feature has been eliminated as it is not required. Instead, Microsoft was to cover up for the drawback with a built-in data-detection service along with the text-handling API, which could find phone numbers and addresses.

‘Copy & Paste’ or no ‘Copy & Paste’, I am definitely not in the mood to discuss it again! [via: Slashgear]

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