Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller Device Lag Time Measured

March 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

When the Sony PlayStation Move first broke cover at the GDC exactly a week ago, a lot was being propagated about its accuracy and lag time. While its accuracy still remains unchallenged, the latency part has come under the scanner, and experts believe that the Motion Controller PS Move has a higher lag time than mentioned and it is the speed games that might suffer in the bargain.

Eurogamer decided to measure the lag time of the PS Move using a powerful 60fps-capable camcorder and a stopwatch, and the results weren’t exactly close to the promulgated ‘under 1 frame’ limit.

The Eurogamer results reveal that the PlayStation Move latency is around 133ms (6.8 frames if the game is running at 60fps) and this time does not take into account any kind of lag in the display panel.

Flat panels have a display equipment where the latency or lag time can change very abruptly even when the screens are made by a similar manufacturers. Sony could have a used the fastest consumer-level panels as a facade at the GDC and it is such reports from Eurogamer which give us a clearer picture. [via: Engadget]

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