SlingMedia SlingPlayer app coming to Android devices this Summer; App gets detailed on Video

March 18, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

SlingMedia has brought to public attention its latest innovative SlingPlayer app that would run on Androids. The new app detailed by the company comes across as a feature that would allow Android users to stream video from a Slingbox, over 3G data networks or Wi-Fi on a mobile phone.

Though yet to be final, the recent Gadget Live show was witness to Sling Media demonstrating with all details the upcoming version of the SlingPlayer software running on an Samsung phone, Google’s Nexus One and a Motorola Droid. The new version is most probably due this Summer. One fascinating aspect of the new upcoming SlingMedia app is that it boasts of an interface that would act similar to that of the iPhone version. This, in fact, would allow users select the live or recorded content they want to watch.

Though SlingMedia has confirmed that the SlingPlayer for Android client will be released during the Summer of 2010, the company is yet to drop any hint on how much the app would cost. That leaves us wondering as to how much we would have to set aside in our Summer budget for the SlingPlayer for Android app. However, the grapevine suggests that the software is expected to match the $30 price tag of the iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry apps. Let’s wait to know more on that front. Don’t forget to check out the video below.

(Via Android Community)

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