Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series Multitasking ignores third party applications

March 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

Ever heard of ‘dehydrated’ and ‘rehydrated’ applications on a thingamajig? Well if you haven’t, get used to it, especially if you intend to use Windows Phone 7 laden handsets in the near future. All this terminology is related to the multi-tasking on the Windows Phone 7 Series where third party applications have been ignored. In simple words a third party application will function on a Windows Phone 7 handset only till another app is opened or the system requires additional resource.

If it is still difficult for you to comprehend, the regular applications such as the Zune player and IE can run in the background but applications from the developers will only function singularly.

Such third party apps will be in a suspended state when another app is running, and the moment one is closed, the previous one will be ‘rehydrated’.

The multi-tasking ability will therefore be restricted to official applications and there will be no intimation when an app is suspended. Multi-tasking will thus be a term which will be limited to official apps and whenever a user intends to run a third party app, he will have to ensure that he does not try to multi-task.

Gladly, such restrictions have been spotted only on the emulator and we are hoping that the final version will incorporate third party apps as well. [via: Engadget]

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