Google Maps Version 4.1 for Android 1.6 goes public; Live Wallpaper, Search and Swipe and Latitude Widget Now Being Offered

March 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

If you posses an Android 1.6 laden device (no 1.5 or 2.1, mind you) and are a regular user of the Google Maps application, you are surely in for a treat as Google has updated the app to version 4.1. The update brings in a plethora of features which are bound to make the Google Maps experience special and right at the outset, version 4.1 enables you to have Google Maps as a live wallpaper.

This means that a user can always have access to the live traffic update on his home screen. The update is not just an eye candy, it offers features that define utility at its best.

There is a latitude widget which shows updates for friends around your location; pretty cool! On the utility front, a user gets the swipe and search feature which has helped Google to eliminate the need of scrolling through the list of places. Instead, a user now gets top featured results through which he can easily swipe between places.

Users can now switch between multiple accounts while using Google Maps 4.1 which is handy for people using more than a single Google ID. The update should be extended to other Android versions too but, there is no information on that development as yet. [via: Androidcentral]

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