China Mobile Considering the iPhone Deal Again, Wants the iPad Too!

March 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

Now before you get confused, it is China Unicom that currently sells the non WiFi iPhone and not China Mobile, but the latter is also thoroughly interested to secure a deal with Apple. China Mobile has tried to get into an agreement with Apple but, the supposed deal fell out as Apple’s revenue sharing proposal didn’t please the telecommunication carrier.

Despite the issues, China Mobile chairman and chief executive Wang Jianzhou mentioned that they are still very much interested in selling the iPhone as well as the latest sensation, Apple iPad.

It is noteworthy that China Mobile is world’s biggest telecom operator but despite this, Apple first secured the iPhone deal with rival carrier China Unicom.

China Mobile is still hopeful that it will secure a deal with Apple and sell the iPhone version that works with the government-backed 3G standard specified in China.

Not just the iPhone, given the growing gadget appetite of the Chinese customers, China Mobile is also deeply interested in selling the iPad once a decision is finalized with Cupertino. [via: Electronista]

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