Amazon finally readies its Kindle Application for Mac; Tiger and PowerPC users left wanting

March 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is strange to realize that the Amazon Kindle app has finally arrived for the Mac, for there is absolutely no fanfare whatsoever despite the desperately awaited nature of the app. Sadly, the application does not please the Tiger and PowerPC users, and it caters to Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 and higher operating systems for Macintosh computers.

The 22MB application which is up for free downloading reports a version number of 1.0.0 beta 1 and it has been expected since the last six months when even the iPad arrival was a mystery.

The current version of the app will not feature full-text search and annotation but the same will be rendered through future updates which will be coming soon.

Apparently, the app will allow downloading of Kindle books that a user already owns and the synchronization of progress through a book will be an automatic feature.

The app will also display bookmarks and highlights from Kindle reading sessions but, the privilege of creating new highlights will not be available. Mac owners could also adjust the font size and line length, while turning pages will happen through the scroll.

Amazon certainly felt the pressure with numerous e-book readers thronging the market, and a software version of its Kindle was the only alternative to keep the branding going. [via:TUAW]

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