Windows Mobile 7 Series Won’t Have Copy and Paste Functionality; Microsoft Says You Don’t Need Clipboard Operations

March 17, 2010, By Alex Ion

Just when we thought Windows Mobile 7 Series is going to be the next best thing to sliced bread, we’re hearing that the operating system comes with quite a few drawbacks. One of them is the fact that Windows Phone 7 won’t have copy and paste functionality, which means no clipboard operations for you and me.

The fact that Windows Mobile 7 won’t allow you to copy and paste is quite intriguing, since older versions had it. So why can’t we enjoy it on the new OS? Apparently Microsoft thinks you won’t need it (wrong), which is why they have a built-in data-detection service to work along with the text-handling API, that promises to recognize phone numbers and addresses for you.

Another reason why there’s no copy and paste functionality in Windows Mobile 7 Series could be because they’ll be updating the OS months after its official debut, and they need to come up with features that actually stand out.

Now seriously, welcome to 2010 Microsoft! Let’s see if users will turn to Android or iPhone’s OS now …

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