Nvidia 3DTV Play software promises to bring 3D PC gaming to 3D TVs; to debut this Spring for $40

March 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The 3D revolution is on, and many a player is gearing up to make the most of it. Chipmaker Nvidia is all set to garner all the attention in this spruced up scenario by lining up 3D PC gaming to 3D TVs.  In an environment largely dominated by the Sony PlayStation 3, Nvidia’s efforts may be seen as commendable. Get set for a new leap in these environs by Spring.

Nvidia is said to have designed unique software that will help gamers across the world to bring 3D PC gaming to 3D TVs. The Nvidia 3DTV Play software will create an environment where you will get to play games from a 3D-capable PC on a 3D TV. The chipmaker has incorporated capabilities that would allow the software to any HDMI 1.4 3D TVs. Further, any kind of 3D glasses will work with it.

So when the new Nvidia software debuts, gamers across the globe would be able to play standard PC games in stunning 3D settings. The real-time GPU accelerated decoding would further allow  consumers to view full 1080p Blu-ray 3D movies and game play. Nvidia is also rumored to be working on 3D photos too.

Expected to arrive by  the advent of Spring for a cost of $40, Nvidia’s innovation might have the capabilities to make a shift in the way you play your favorite games.

(Via VG247)

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