New MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro Pricing Leaked; Availability Confirmed in New Apple Ads

March 17, 2010, By Alex Ion

Are you in the market for a new Apple machine but you don’t know when the new MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro will be arriving, here’s an update that has both good and bad. An Apple ad has been spotted on Australian website PC Authority detailing pricing for its new flagship mobile and desktop computers.

Why is that bad? Because from what we can see, they will cost more than previous models. And why is that good? It definitely hints to a sooner debut on the market.

While we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt, unless these leaked Apple ads are a hoax, the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air and the Mac Pro will cost A$1,899, A$2,399 and A$4,499, which is a bit more than what they regularly go for, on the Apple Store: A$1,599, A$1,999 and A$3,599. Yes folks, your math is right, if these numbers are true you’ll be spending between A$300 and A$400 more for your preferred rig.

So what are you getting for the price hike? Word is that the MacBook Pro and the stylish MacBook Air will get Core i7 CPUs, while the powerful Mac Pro will now be fitted with Core i7-980X regalia processors.

We’re not that happy to pay more, but the fact that the new MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro could finally arrive is what brings a smile to our faces.

How `bout that Apple? Anything you want to share?

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